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Suq al Waqif Coffee Shops closed

You gotta read the small items in the newspapers – that’s where a lot of the real news is. Today, in the Gulf Times is this tiny little article about shops being closed in the Souq al Waqif for serving shisha to underage people. Who knew? There is a legal age for smoking shisha?

Coffee shops closed

A number of coffee shops at the Souq Waqif were closed by the Doha Municipality for not complying with the health regulations, according to a report in a local Arabic newspaper.

The report said closure notices were put up by the municipality inspectors on the doors of the non-complying coffee shops.

Among the recently detected violations was the offering of Shish to teens under 18, which the report said, was in breach of the contracts signed by the Old Souq department and tenants of the coffee shops.

However, coffee shop managers at the Souq pointed out that asking customers their age could cause anger, particularly with female customers, who just opt to move to another outlet.

October 7, 2009 - Posted by | Communication, Community, Customer Service, Doha, ExPat Life, Living Conditions, Qatar

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