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Stuck in Traffic on Musheirib

With all the re-routing off Al Rayyan as we convert to the Heart of Doha, I found myself inching along Al Musheirib this week, along with the noon-time crowd. When there is nothing else to do – take some photos. We drive right by every day, but do we look?

Many of these spots will disappear.

Boutiques? (!)



And here is one of my favorites – see it, just over the street sign? Cheep and Best?


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Halloween Baby

You won’t hear all mother-in-laws say things like this, but you’ll hear me say it, and often – we are so lucky. Our son chose a wife who is a true companion, and whose style suits our own, sometimes so much it is scary.

They are expecting a baby – and she is beginning to be “great with child”. She wrote us this morning that she won a Halloween costume contest. We knew they were toying with the concept, but the reality is hilarious. Alien!


Saturday mornings can be depressing for us, as AdventureMan heads back to his job. Not so this morning – we were dying laughing!

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