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Driving in Qatar

You probably think I am cursing when I am talking to you on the road.

I am not.

I am saying “Your poor father! He told you about turn signals! Weren’t you listening???”

I am saying “If your mother could see your bad manners, she would be so ashamed of you!”

I am saying “Hahahahahahaha! You got your picture taken!”

Moving into my lane when I am already in it, is bad manners. Honking at me to make me let you in is WORSE manners. Didn’t you see me? Oh! Here’s a thought – did you check your side mirrors before you thought to change lanes??

Have you noticed? I let the guys in who USE THEIR TURN SIGNALS! They are communicating in a polite way. I let them in in front of me. I am nice about it.

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Clever Clever Ad

This ad is on top of my AOL mail account today:

Looking for Love

I think this is SO clever.

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