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“Why Bank of America Fired Me”

When AdventureMan and I were young, we visited a financial advisor. He gave us some good advice. He also put us in some very bad funds. Well, bad for us – he made a lot of money on up-front charges. We learned a lot from him; we also learned a whole lot more from dealing with him about being responsible for our own money management.

One thing we learned: No one cares about you and growing/investing your money more than you do. Others may care about separating you from your money. Any time a financial institution uses the words “for your convenience” read the fine print. Always, read the customer agreements.

This very brave girl, Jackie Ramos, a former Bank of America “customer assistant” tells us what her “services” really meant. She got fired for taking a stand, but she makes a great video outlining BofA credit card collection policies.

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Compare Kuwait and Doha Weather

People are always asking me, “which do you like better, Doha or Kuwait?”

It’s apples and oranges. Kuwait is big city, with big city problems and big city shopping. Kuwait is just bigger, with faster roads. Doha is growing, solving a lot of problems Kuwait has still to face, but the two are so different that they just don’t compare. I like them both, for different reasons.

One of the things that is hard to get is that while they are so close, the weather is not the same. Kuwait gets hotter in the summer and colder in the winter.

Here is the forecast for the next five days:

Kuwait 5 day forecast December 8 - 12

Doha five day forecast December 8 - 12

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