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Feast of Flowers

Things get a little chaotic in a house with a newborn, so this morning I was giving the many baskets of flowers a critical eye, so that we could get rid of some which were fading.

There was one; I figured I could rescue it by taking out a couple wilted blooms, so I put it on the kitchen counter, but then I was needed to hold the baby.

Next thing I looked, all three cats were having a flower feast. By the time I grabbed the camera, the shyest one had jumped down:

Memo to self: Keep flowers in high, unreachable place.

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One Brown Glove

Have I told you how cold it is in Pensacola?

People here are in fur coats, and gloves!

Today we drove up the Bayou and saw what we thought might be a run-over animal on the road, but it turned out to be one brown glove.

We were laughing at how easy it is to lose gloves – to end up with one of several different pairs. My Mom used to make us wear mittens that had a string attatching them; you ran it through the coat and out both arms so you wouldn’t be losing so many mittens. In Alaska, you really need those mittens.

I still have a pair of Nordic mittens my Mom knit me. No. No. They are not attached by strings; they are grown up mittens, LLLOOOOLLLL!

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