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Polite Reminder

Don’t you love this sign? It is so polite! Asking people not to smoke, even though it is outside, and – LOL – even though this restaurant encourages shisha smokers!

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One Last Time at The Majliss

Lucky me, AdventureMan shares my love of this fine restaurant. We meet up with a set of long-time friends and enjoy an evening of hilarity and good food. We had the mezze, yes, including the Majliss’s fabulous muhammara, made with ground walnuts and sweet red peppers and pomegranate juice, and then – the grilled shrimp and hammour. I don’t think anyone does it better:

The moment of hilarity? AdventureMan stands up and says he needs to go wash his hands. His friend stands up and says “I’ll go with you!” The joke? AdventureMan usually pays the bill while he is ‘washing his hands’ but we have been friends long enough for this man to have caught on to his trick.

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