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Before and Now

No, my house is not undergoing a ‘remodel.’ It is undergoing a rewiring. About the best that will happen is that when it is finished, it will look a lot like it looked before, except with invisible copper wiring instead of aluminum wiring, which, as it turns out, is problematic.

Sigh. And then again, what better time to have this all done than BEFORE you move in? If it had to happen, it couldn’t have happened at a better time, and we have some truly great contractors. How many times have you ever heard someone say that?

Today I went by the house to pick up the mail and holy smokes – the garage is full of ceiling, and my house is bare bones!

Here are some before and after shots:

Family Room Before:

Family Room Now:

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen Now:

Living Room Before:

Living Room Now:

And last but not least – the Garage before:

And the Garage now:

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