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Golden Age at Fort Pickens

“We need a break” said AdventureMan, and we decided to go exploring, preferably out in some beachy area. We decided to visit Ft. Pickens, waaaaaaaaay out on the end of a very long barrier island protecting Pensacola.

You can see the blue balloon shows where the Fort Pickens defenses were built:

It’s a national park. It costs $6 to drive a car in.

“Are there any annual passes?” AdventureMan asked, because for us, those are a good deal, and once you buy them you can go anywhere!

The answer was yes, but it was expensive, probably still worth it, but the twinkly eyed woman then asked him “Are you a golden ager?”

“What?” AdventueMan asked in confusion.

“Are you 62? If you are 62, you can buy a Golden Age pass that lets you in all the National Parks for $10.”

“No,” AdventureMan stuttered, “no, not yet . . . ”

“But I am!” I hollered, handing him the money to buy a Golden Age pass before she could change her mind. She carded me, yes, she did, but as I am four months older than AdventureMan, I qualified, and now we can go anywhere (as long as he is with me, we get in on my pass.)

Fort Pickens is beautiful. The sand is white and powdery, and the sea is a lot like the Arabian Gulf, all shades of green and turquoise and blues, shading into purples.

Looks like snow, doesn’t it?

AdventureMan loves old forts; here are where gun batteries were once placed to guard the shores:

We spotted Osprey flying on the air currents around the forts, and huge osprey nests:

We hiked along a beautiful bike/walking trail where I saw tiny purple flowers like we used to find in Saudi Arabia:

Sharp eyed AdventureMan pointed out a snapping turtle – can you see him?

Can you see him now?

We needed a day to remind us it’s not all about work. Getting settled as we get retired – isn’t that supposed to be fun?

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  1. Men are funny about the senior thing. My husband will not, will not, will not order off the senior section of the menu. He is 9 months older than me. I say, if it’s a bargain, go for it. I think they are more vain about their age than we women are.

    Pensacola’s surrounds look beautiful. I have always heard about the white sand beaches like snow. Can’t wait to check it out!

    Comment by momcat | April 13, 2010 | Reply

  2. It looks like a great way to spend a day.

    Hurray! We get to see a picture of AM!

    Comment by Ken | April 13, 2010 | Reply

  3. LLOOLL, Momcat, I want you to come and bring the TopCop! He will love our son, too. 😉

    Real story – AdventureMan’s first morning in town he orders something called the “sen-yor’ omelette” pronounced like the Spanish “senyor” (can’t make my ~ work over the n, sorry) As the waitress and I looked at him in confusion, he shame-facedly said, “ummm, you know, senior omelette” LLLOOOLLLLLLLLLL!

    And he is not retired. He is SEMI RETIRED. His office keeps calling it ‘taking a break,’ LLOOLLL!

    Ken, yes, you noticed! He is one very handsome dude, and not looking a day over 25. My boy-toy, LOL!

    Comment by intlxpatr | April 13, 2010 | Reply

  4. Intlxpatr :

    Nice foto of adventureMan , i saw the one in About section before but i thought you were posing with the Safari company guide

    Comment by daggero | April 13, 2010 | Reply

    • LOL! He LOVED that comment; he would like to be taken for a safari guide 🙂

      Comment by intlxpatr | April 14, 2010 | Reply

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