Here There and Everywhere

Expat wanderer


Hell is unwrapping household goods when every tiniest piece is wrapped in a whole sheet of moving paper. Every spoon. The stopper for a crystal decanter. Every single piece, individually wrapped. It is endless. . . .

It is also why I do so much of my own packing. That, and finding my muddy riding boots packed with my formal gowns.

An occasional mover cares.

Most movers are casual labor, insufficiently supervised. Things can disappear.

This move is in waves, and we are in the biggest wave right now, the goods that have been in storage for 12 years. It had gone well, but we think some things are missing. Also, some serious pieces of furniture are incapacitated. One in particular, a china cabinet, handles the gazillion pieces of china and crystal collected through years of Army wifedom, but lost a foot. You can’t store china in a very tipsy cabinet, and I don’t know how we are going to get it fixed. Meanwhile, how to store all these pieces???


We are just taking a break before we submerge into the world of putting things away again. Aarrgh.

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