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Get Him to the Greek

AdventureMan and I saw the most hilarious movie, Get Him to the Greek.

I don’t think this movie will ever show in Kuwait or in Qatar. It contains violence, drugs, alcohol abuse, nudity, gross sexual content – it could be incredibly offensive. Somehow, it manages to be totally hilarious, reminiscent of the old classic This is Spinal Tap It also manages to have some serious moments, and a hint of redemption.

A lovable but nerdy employee at a record company is assigned to fly to London, meet and accompany an aging rock star to a come-back concert in Los Angeles. There are multiple opportunities for disaster and unpredictable moments. No one can tell you how sad and funny and pathetic and disgusting and . . . well, mostly funny – this movie is going to be. Even the music the rock star sings is hilarious and totally made up for this movie.

Trust me, this is not a family movie. It is, as our son said, raunchy. You do not want to be with teens or adult children. It would be squirmingly uncomfortable. We found it hilarious.

June 4, 2010 - Posted by | Cultural, Entertainment, Music

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