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Credit Card Fraud

The call caught me totally by surprise, so much so that I suspected that the call was a scam.

The caller asked for my husband or me by name, and asked if we had charged two thousand plus on our card. Ummm. . . nope. That card is now closed down.

I suppose the good news is that our credit card company has such excellent security that they identified the fraudulent charge immediately.

The bad news is that we have had this card for a long time, and I have the number memorized. There have been a couple problems previously, small things. One time I found some calls to a phone sex number. They showed the number the calls were made from; I called that number. The woman who answered assured me that no calls were made from that number to a phone sex number because her husband had promised her he wouldn’t do that any more. I called our credit card company, told them what had transpired, and my account was not charged for the calls.

Another time, the company called and asked me if I was trying to make calls to Nigeria using my credit card. Nope.

But this time, their solution is that the card has to be shut down, and new ones issued. Oh aarrgh. I will have to memorize a new number.

Our credit card company’s security division never asked for any information a scammer would ask, like the security number on the back of the card, the expiration date – none of that. They already know that information.

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OOops! Ops!

The silence tipped him off.

He had just finished referring to his study as “The Command Center.”

The silence continued, then I broke it, quietly asking “and just whom would you be commanding?”

“Ummm. . . err . . . Ops Center! Operations Center!” he corrected himself.

We both laughed.

We’ve been married 37 years. 🙂

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