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Sorting Through Our Lives

At lunch, on our anniversary, AdventureMan and I played a game, a game we call “the top three”. He started it. “What are your top three thrills in our life together?” he asked . . .

We came up with contenders, debated relative merits, but agreed on #1 – the birth of our son. Then there were the top three vacations, the top three surprises, etc. It’s always fun; and together remember things you wouldn’t remember on your own.

Every now and then you get a glimpse of what makes life worthwhile, and you are additionally blessed by knowing how happy you are at the time you are happy.

One of those days was today.

Yesterday, we went by to see our son and his wife and our little adorable grandson had a cough.

“Do you need for us to take care of him tomorrow?” we asked.

Oh! If we could take care of him in the morning, that would be wonderful! And so, promptly at 0730, we were at their doorstep, and our morning passed – oh, happily! – taking care of our adorable grandson. He has a bad cough, but he is on the mend, and we had some fun.

He loves his jumpy-thing, which we call a Johnny Jump-Up, but it isn’t, it’s like calling all tissues “Kleenex” or all copies a “Xerox”:

He has discovered his hands and feet; I love watching him, it’s pure motion, every leg and every arm going at once:

Well, he can’t talk yet, not clearly, so he blows bubbles to tell us how much he loves us:

“Oh!” exclaims AdventureMan, “You have to take a picture of him while he is sleeping, he is so beautiful.”

LOL! I had swaddled him, and he tried to tell me I had done it wrong, but I didn’t listen. When I went back 10 minutes later, he was still squalling AND he was no longer swaddled. I re-swaddled, this time, doing it right and tight, and before I even put him in his crib, he was sound asleep.

He did manage somehow to get one arm out:

On the way home, we picked up some roasting chickens for dinner, to roast with fresh rosemary and basil from our own garden. Yummm. AdventureMan will deliver one to our son and his wife around dinner time.

We are happy AND we know it. It’s a great day in Pensacola.

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