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Master BR and Guest Suite

Here is where AdventureMan and I and the Qatteri Cat sleep:

It’s the smallest bedroom we have ever had, but we like the privacy of being upstairs, and we each like having our own bathroom, and we like having our offices upstairs – we actually like spending time together. 🙂

I’ve discovered I don’t like drawers; I put things in drawers and never see them again. I am experimenting with shelves and baskets for my non-hanging clothes, too. I always need lots of shelf space for the books I intend to read – you can see there are a few of those. One of my treasures – not an expensive treasure, I found it at an Arts fest in Seattle’s University District – is a hand carved oak earring tree, that keeps all my favorite earrings where I can see them and find what I need quickly.

While the closets are large, the doors don’t open as far as the closets go, so in the dead space at one end, I put shoe storage organizers, and now I can also see where all my shoes are. 🙂 At the other end are clothes I wear less often. We might have to get rid of these closets, and open this space up using the ‘grandkids’ room to enlarge the space and create a walk-in closet where we can see what we have. . .

No, none of this looks like House Beautiful; that’s because we really life here, and life can get a little messy. 😉

We are expecting company. We are ready for you! The guest suite is the largest bedroom in the house, downstairs. We slept there while we were waiting for our household goods to arrive, and I can assure you, it is very comfortable, with the best closet in the house. 🙂

We haven’t made up the bed yet, because the Qatteri Cat watches birds sometimes from this room, and we want everything to be fresh when you arrive. 🙂 Hmmm. Guess I’ll switch out that turquoise wastecan, LOL, it is really jarring now that I see it in a photo. . .

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Family Room

This is where most of you will come. We are hoping you will plop down, maybe go to the pantry for a beer or wine, sit and talk, head for the refrigerator – we want you to feel at home. 🙂 I’m still working on this room, trying to get the right pieces in it, and take out those that don’t enhance.

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The Living Room

The Living Room is almost finished. We still have carpets to gather from Seattle, carpets we bought in Damascus way back a long time ago, stored by my gracious sister Sparkle, under the guest room bed, lo, these many years. I grumble and complain as I unpack boxes, putting things away, but the carrot is always dangling before my eyes – figuring out how to use old friends in a new environment, a challenge that can keep me busy for a long time.

Just as with paint, sometimes you have to try something out in a space for a while to see if it ‘wants’ to be there.

In America, we never think of objects as having feelings. The world is full of people who understand the ‘fung shui’ of things, that putting things in some places is better than putting them in other places, that energy has a flow. I don’t believe in it like a religious belief, but I have come to accept that sometimes you have an idea about something going someplace, and then it just doesn’t feel right, and to trust those feelings. So I have stuck a few things in places where I think they belong in this room – and I thought long and hard about where these things would go. I will live with it for a while and if something is where it shouldn’t be, it just won’t feel right.

Light has to be taken into account, and bringing light into dark spaces, and protecting vulnerable textiles from too much damaging light.

For me, conversation is important, so I want people to be able to sit closely enough to be able to share their innermost thought, but far enough away from one another to feel comfortable and relaxed, not crowded or invaded.

We have extra chairs, so the number of people who can comfortably sit in here is expandable:

We created a small study area, with a good light, where we can look things up, or read something that requires concentration:

I wish I had more shelf top space in my kitchen for all my baskets, but I don’t, so the bookshelves and cupboards will have to do for now:

The room beyond is the dining room, but I don’t think we will ever use it as a dining room, so I am trying to think through how it may be used . . . it might be a play room for grandchildren . . . 🙂

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