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“How’d you sleep?” I cheerily greeted my sister, Sparkle, newly arrived from Paris to our small farming village in Germany.

“That #*%@ing ROOSTER!” she exclaimed. “He started crowing around 3:00 a.m. and never stopped! You must have heard him! He was right under our window!”

No. No, there was no rooster under our windows. The nearest rooster was up in the next farm, maybe 100 yards away. But I kind of remembered when we first moved in, I think I remember we heard him. We no longer heard him. You just get used to it, I guess.

What brings this to mind is that KUOW in Seattle has a program today on the Seattle City Council vote – they are about to vote to increase the number of chickens allowed by ‘urban farmers’ but to prohibit the roosters.

You can hear the discussion for yourself by going to KUOW. There are some hilarious comments, one by a man who said “Sure, ban roosters, right after you ban boom boxes, and teenagers, and heavy trucks, and garbage pickups. There are a lot worse sounds in the city than roosters!” (I may have paraphrased that quote, I was laughing too hard to write it all down.)

AdventureMan and I love National Public Radio. We support our local NPR station, WUWF in Pensacola, which I listen to while I am driving, but when I am working on a project, I still stream KUOW, which I started doing while I was living in the Gulf. I love the huge variety of opinions and subjects, and I appreciate that there is more news in the world than what they show on TV, after all, on TV they can only show what they have film footage of. There are books to be discussed, and movies, and music, and social situations in Khandahar and Botswana and Sri Lanka and boy soldiers in Liberia . . . things I haven’t a clue about unless I listen to my national public radio station. I read the paper daily. I watch the news once a day – but it doesn’t meet the depth of coverage of NPR.

I think chickens are pretty cool. They are also pretty stupid, but I am all for a chicken or two, fresh eggs, etc. When I needed fresh eggs in Germany, I just walked up the hill and bought them from the chicken lady. When I asked my landlady about recycling, she just laughed, and we walked our food leftovers, peelings, coffee grounds, etc up the hill and threw them over the fence for the chickens. I don’t even mind roosters. Sorry, Sparkle!

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  1. You know what, they should ban people from having chickens in their garden in Kuwait. Our neighbors used to have chickens, roosters, pigeons, dogs you name it, all in the little area infront of their house. And what made it worse is they let the chickens run free and roam around in the street. I’d come home and find a chicken staring at me from my parking spot.
    Once my mother and I were leaving the house, and one of the ladies (our neighbor) was outside screaming her head off at no one in particular, when my mother asked her whats wrong she told us that our other neighbor threatened to poison her animals if she doesn’t shut them up. I felt bad for her, but it was funny, and I fully understand where the other neighbor is coming from!

    Comment by Chirp | July 14, 2010 | Reply

  2. LOL, Chirp, I have family friends who have chickens, and oh, they love their fresh eggs. They can never kill their chickens, but they had to get rid of them during the Bird Flu scare when everyone had to get rid of poultry. When I lived in Kuwait, I could hear a rooster even from my 10th floor aerie in Fintas. I kind of loved it – middle of the city, LOL.

    Comment by intlxpatr | July 14, 2010 | Reply

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