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Old Spice Man Goes Viral

Today on NPR I listened to a lengthy interview with Ismail Mustafa, the new Old Spice Man, and actor in what has been called the most successful advertising campaign, EVER.

My friends, this is totally hilarious. Old Spice is so old that my father wore it. It is so old that is has been way past unsexy, and this campaign boldly reversed everything.

Not only is it getting hit after hit on YouTube, Old Spice is now flying off the shelf. This is a total hoot!

July 19, 2010 Posted by | Adventure, Beauty, Entertainment, Financial Issues, Marketing, Mating Behavior, Shopping | 5 Comments

Love of our Lives

AdventureMan and I often discuss with wonder the odds of our finding and marrying one another – and God’s great goodness in our life together.

Here is one of the most amazing things to ever happen – they call him the Happy Baby:

We love to be able to spend time with our sweet son and his wife and their son. 🙂 They ask us to babysit, and they think we are doing them a favor. Little do they know how we cherish our time with the Happy Baby!

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