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“How Do You Want to Die?”

I had taken my mother to her internal medicine specialist, she had an earache, and as an aside, had mentioned she no longer is taking Lipitor, because it gave her problems with her legs, but should she go back on it?

“How do you want to die?” asked the doctor, and we just looked at her with our mouths hanging open. It seems kind of a bald question, doesn’t it? But the doctor was entirely serious.

“Doctors ask themselves this all the time,” she continued. “Do you want to end up in a nursing home, or living with your children, as your body continues to fail and your money dwindles away and you can do less and less every day?”

“I want to die in my sleep, at home” my 87 year old Mom responded.

“Then you want to have a heart attack,” the doctor said. “That’s what really happens when a person dies in their sleep, their heart fails.”

“That’s your choice,” she said. “Doctors discuss it all the time. Most of us want to go while life is still good, and we want to go quickly. We see too many people prolonging their lives and regretting it.”

I’ve never heard a doctor speak so bluntly before. We’re still kind of in shock. It has definitely given us something to think about.

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Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation Winner!

In today’s mail:

Dear Winner

Congratulations The Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation has awarded you cash
Grant/Donation of £500,000.00.GBP send us your
To file for your claim, you are to contact:-

The Executive Secretary:
Mr Sam Peterson

LOL, they haven’t asked my banking information – yet!

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