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Wooded Boise

I am driving and AdventureMan is reading from the AAA Tour book.

“Basque explorers and hunters found the area and it was full of green trees so they called it Boisee´” he said.

Boise´ would be bwa-say, but Americans call it Boy’-see, LLOOLLL, and actually, most call it Boy’zee.

We also went through Yakima (first a as in “Al” or “advice) Ya’-kih-mah, and Umatilla, and all kinds of places with great names . . . Cle Elem, Snoqualamie, etc. but we did not go through Walla Walla. All these wonderful, colorful names, many from First Nation peoples, some from the earliest explorers, some names of early settlers. We crossed the 45th latitude in Oregon, and traces of the Oregon Trail.

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