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Four Years Old :-) Birthday Cake and Adult Beverages!

Come on by for a celebration and a visit. 🙂 Sit and chat a while.

When I started blogging, in Kuwait, in 2006, I had no idea where it was going to take me. I felt scared, and I felt vulnerable. I felt exposed. Slowly, I developed virtual relationships, some of which even turned into real friendships. I had no idea I would grow to care so much about my readers, some of whom I have never even met.

In the background, I have had meetings, and I have had correspondences. We’ve shared joys and laughter and tears and anguish. There are times now, now that my life is so much less interesting than when I was living in exotic locations, when I think about stopping. Sometimes, even in Kuwait and Qatar, it was a struggle. There are always days when my life just doesn’t seem that interesting.

I don’t want to bore you. On the other hand, I have grown to enjoy our time together. So, here is my blogging pledge – I will keep blogging as long as it keeps working for you as well as for me. If I am boring myself to tears, I will stop. Meanwhile, it helps me to hear from you, and to have great discussions on these pages. There have been some good ones!

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Red Hot and Blue in Colorado Springs

No, No, I didn’t take any photos of my shopping trip yesterday; we don’t have a Macy’s in Pensacola, so I spent some time having fun in one of my favorite stores. It was a great day. I also found Ruth’s Stitchery and spent a lot of time looking at new quilting fabrics and patterns. The problem with Ruth’s is that they also have fabulous cross-stitching materials and patterns, and I am SO tempted to buy them, even though I don’t really cross stitch any more; unless you have really really good light, stitching on linen, which is what I like to do, is a lot more difficult than it used to be.

I picked up AdventureMan and as a special treat to me he took me to Red Hot and Blue, my favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs. He said ‘have you noticed how many of your reviews are BBQ restaurants?” LLOOOLLL! Yes! It’s true! We love BBQ. We do go to other restaurants, but most of the Pensacola restaurants we hang out in I have already reviewed at least once! Out of town, we often explore new BBQ. 🙂

We started with hushpuppies, and these were small, but good:

We tested all the sauces – the hot ones were really HOT!

We couldn’t possibly eat all this food, but we tried it all, and enjoyed it so much there was no room left for dessert:

Red Hot and Blue Chili

Their tangy cole slaw

My pulled chicken and potato salad

AdventureMan’s pulled pork and beans

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Eid Mubarak 2010

Happy Happy Eid to all my Moslem friends, may your fast be blessed and may you celebrate your Eid with great joy.

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