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Tacos Y Mas in New Mexico

Shortly after our hike up the old volcano, we stopped for lunch in a small town. Sadly, many of the small towns we passed through were shells; old stores, old restaurants, old gas stations, all closed now. We saw this all across the United States, the center of the small towns dead or dying, and most of the remaining industry along the major state roads.

As we looked for something acceptable for lunch, we saw a Subway (‘think fresh!’) off in the distance and we can always settle for Subway, but just before we got to the Subway, we saw Tacos Y Mas:

You’re always taking your chances when you eat street food (this was not a restaurant, but an order-out trailer. The menu was fairly large for a small operation, and they had a steady stream of customers. We ordered the taco lunch special, drove down the road a few hundred yards and came to a rest stop with covered picnic tables, where we had a taco feast:

It was really delicious, but heartburn city later, LOL.

One of the funniest things in New Mexico and Texas were all the signs saying “do not pick up hitchhikers” near all the prisons. LLOOLLLL!

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Colorado Springs to Wichita Falls, TX

AdventureMan and I have looked at the map and figured out that the drive to Pensacola is another 1500 miles, more or less, and so we want to drive about 550 miles per day or more. We leave Colorado Springs early, enjoying the scenery along the way:

For my desert buddies, when you see piles like these (often covered by tarps or sheds) this is also for snowy roads, the dark dirt helps the snow to melt and gives the wheels more traction:

Hitting an elk is about like hitting a camel – it isn’t going to do anyone any good. We saw a lot of dead deer along the road; a dead deer is always sad, and hitting a deer is a bad way to start a day:

Very soon, we are entering New Mexico:

Soon after entering New Mexico, we come to the Capulin Volcano. AdventureMan has been by once before, and we always wanted to climb this volcano – so we did!

You can drive up to an observation post, and then hike to the top of the volcano.

I am fit, and I did fine – like for the first twenty meters, after which I was huffing and puffing in the thin air. The path was a steady incline, straight up the rim of the old volcano – this is the path:

Getting to the top – ahhhhh. That was great:

Hiking to the top put a little pressure on us the rest of the day to hit our mileage goals, but it was worth it, every step. 🙂

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Super Target Colorado Springs

With some time on my own in Colorado Springs, I wanted to see what a Super Target looked like, and when I found it, it was with two other stores I really enjoy, one of which was TJMaxx Home. The Target was a target; you can always find what you need at a Target store, but different locations have slightly different merchandise.

One time, I wanted to buy some really cute paper plates, but I was on my way to Seattle and thought I could buy them there. When I got to Seattle, I searched every Target I could find, but they just didn’t carry those paper plates. Location, location . . .

The Super Target was pretty cool, but it has serious competition from Whole Foods, just down the road. When I saw these, however, I just had to laugh. I’ve been giving these as little gifts for years, never never thought I would see them at the Target:

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