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Cox Customer Service

On my recent Cox bill, in tiny print, I found the following:

Attention: Beginning (date) the price for the Cox Service Assurance Plan will increase to $5.95 per month plus franchise fees and taxes. The Cos Service Assurance Plan offers you protection for some of the inside wiring connection of you Cox services including Cox TV, Cox Advanced TV, Cox High Speed Internet, Cox Home Networking and Cox Digital Telephone. For more details on how the Service Assurance Plan protects your Cox services please call a Cox Customer Care Representative at (phone number).

My question . . . When you subscribe to a service, and pay a monthly rental on the equipment they provide to provide their service, doesn’t that SERVICE cover fixing things that go wrong with their equipment??? I should have to pay $5.95 a month MORE to ‘assure’ SERVICE???

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Oh! My Aching Back!

“My back hurts,” AdventureMan complained, “and I am really, really tired.” He slept in yesterday, and I went to the early service alone.

We’ve been helping our son this weekend with the Happy Baby while his wife is out of town. 🙂

It is so easy to forget – a baby is hard work! Especially a mobil baby, able to explore and who moves quickly!

Fortunately for us, he is also a very very good baby, a sweet tempered baby who is easily distracted from his more dangerous attractions, and who is not yet fast enough to catch the cats, who evade him easily.

We took him out for barbecue yesterday, and fed him baked beans, sweet potato and broccoli. He gets this concerned look on his face, but he doesn’t complain, as he explores the new textures and tastes. I also bathed him when we got home, because he managed to get his hands and feet sticky between spoons of food.

It was a lot of fun, and we understand thoroughly why God gives babies to young parents, LOL!

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