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‘Where’s the #!*% Gecko?’

Today when I got home, I saw that Barcelona Red (AdventureMan’s car) had a rear light that looked like it was out. Oh oh. It looks like Barcelona Red took a crunch! I rushed inside to make sure AM was OK, which he was, and actually, he was very calm, it was a small accident, a young girl hit him while he was waiting for the car in front of him to make a left turn across traffic. They exchanged insurance information, AM filed a police report, and we think all is well.

AdventureMan and I follow good advertising campaigns. ‘What makes a good campaign?’ you are asking, and I will tell you. It gets your attention AND you remember the name of the advertiser when recalling the ad. If it is really good, it enters the national vocabulary, like ‘where’s the beef?’ or MAC vs PC.

‘I hope that Gecko pulls through for me,’ AdventureMan says, a little traumatized now that all the must-do’s are done. It’s her insurance. She has the Gecko. Great campaign; we’ll see how they perform in real life.

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