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“You’ve Brought the Sunshine!”

As I was running errands in my old home town, people kept exclaiming on the weather, and they would say “You’ve brought the sunshine!”

They would say the same when I would come in from Kuwait and Qatar. I’ve forgotten just how grim and grey Seattle can be in the midst of January. When I arrived, I drove in a cold, steady drizzle; I’d forgotten how much fun it is to drive in the rain . . . . especially on the narrow lanes of Seattle’s freeway with water sheeting off the big trucks rushing to make their deliveries with 300 miles or so yet to go. No, I prefer the sunshine.

The first glimpse we had of sunshine was early in the morning, as the sun came up and turned the mountains pink:

Later in the day, the light changed and everything went gold:

I guess this little guy just wanted to get in my photo, and it tickles me that a part of him did:

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A Strange Bird

I have multiple bird-feeders in my backyard, which give me delight, except for the squirrels. One day last week, I had NINE squirrels in my backyard, feeding from my squirrel-proof feeders. One climbs on and slips the cage, then turns it so it spills on the ground for the others. Well, squirrels have to eat, too, but I would love to have one or two feeders strictly for the birds.

One night last week, I had a huge racoon, turning over my flower pots, looking for roots and bulbs. Huge! The area where I live is so suburban, my heart broke, I wonder where he has any habitat to call his own?

And then this guy . . . I don’t know who or what he is. He is the only one of his kind ever to show up, and it was only once. I am guessing maybe he is migratory. He might be a duck.

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