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Cold and Rainy – Seattle or Kuwait?

Brrrrr! This morning as we ate breakfast, it was cold – and raining. Hmmm. . . sounds like February in Seattle! An hour later, the sun is breaking through and the clouds appear to be lifting.

I did great yesterday, but only slept an hour or so last night, so I think I am going to go back to bed now. 🙂

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Good Morning, Kuwait :-)

“Bring lots of warm clothes,” my Kuwaiti friend warned me, “it’s really cold!”

When I stepped off the plane, in mid-day, it was a little chill, but gorgeous, my very favorite kind of day in Kuwait. AdventureMan was there to meet me, although the plane arrived a full hour ahead of its scheduled arrival, and he took me downtown, while the Friday traffic was still light. A BEAUTIFUL day in Kuwait.

I even have the photos to prove it, but they are on my other camera, the one I didn’t bring the right card reader for, oh aaarrgh. I will find one soon.

It is so sweet to be back.

We took a long walk along the water, and hit the spa, where I had aqua therapy on all my travel-sore muscles, and I slept fairly well through the night.

Today, it is another beautiful day in Kuwait, a sweet Saturday morning.

Good morning, Kuwait. I’ve missed you. 🙂

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