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Assorted Photos from the Kuwait Visit

These are a few photos I didn’t really have a post to go with, just random photos from my recent visit to Kuwait:

This one was just a good combination as I was waiting for a light to change; the Athel tree along the road, and the banner celebrating 5 years of rule by the current Amir of Kuwait:

Yeh, it’s a little blurry; I’m shooting as we’re rolling along in the carnage of traffic on the Kuwait Corniche:

I am such a sucker for picturesque fishing boats:

Only thing better than fishing boats is fishing boats AND the Kuwait skyline 🙂

I love being downtown at night:

And this one is from the Kuwait airport, and it just makes me sad; I think we are supposed to overcome barriers 🙂

I had to go by the Fintas Co-op to see how the new mosque turned out – it’s mammoth!

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Me and McGregor

So, ‘McGregor’, what has you longing to ‘read’ from me? What part of my profile appealed to you? The part where it clearly states I am MARRIED? You being a good Christian, that must have a lot of appeal.


I just hate these scammers, these predators, these LIARS. Be careful out there on those social networking sites, my friends. . .

Oh wait! That ‘one thing you long to find?’ My checkbook?

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