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AdventureMan’s New Talents

This has been a great month for AdventureMan.

He knew what he wanted. He thought about it, planned it, sought out resources. He now has three photo shelves in his office, where he can display a changing round of photographs. He bought the lumber, tacked on the trim and mounted them on the wall, all by himself.

All these years he has worked so hard – he has never had the time for a fun project like this, and he just sits there and grins that something he was able to do himself can give him so much satisfaction and happiness. Retired, maybe, but still learning new skills, scaling new mountains.

Last night, he baked his first pork tenderloin, and then roasted up some asparagus with an olive vinaigrette sauce. Oh, yummmmm. Still growing, still developing new skills, it is so much fun.

Today, he is going out to explore what kind of kayak he wants to buy. 🙂

March 22, 2011 - Posted by | Aging, Arts & Handicrafts, Beauty, ExPat Life, Experiment, Family Issues, Food, Home Improvements, Living Conditions, Pensacola

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