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Full Moon, More Babies, More Loonies

“Are you awake?” asked AdventureMan.

“Yep.” I answered.

“I can’t sleep.” he complained.

“Must be the fool moon,” I responded. (Update: I meant ‘full’ but that synapse failed to connect)

Maybe not so far from right – strange things happen when the moon is full. Emergency rooms are full, more babies are born and people can act a little loony. This is from AOL / Huffington Post:

Strange things seem to happen when there’s a full moon, especially in the hospital.

That’s where an incredible 45 babies entered the world last weekend in Sacramento, Calif., according to FOX 40. But some say the mini “baby boom” was no accident.

Throughout a period of 48 hours, doctors at Sacramento’s Sutter Memorial delivered 45 newborns– a possible record for deliveries in a two-day period for the city, stated hospital spokesperson Gary Zavoral. While some doctors joke that the high number of births could be attributed to the full moon, hospital officials hint that the speculation might not be that far out. After all, menstruation and ovulation more or less follow a lunar cycle, so why can’t childbirth be affected, too?

The theory of the lunar effect on births is based off the fact that the moon’s gravitational pull causes high tides. Since the human body is made up of 80 percent water, the pull is believed to speed along the childbirth process, according to Discovery Health.

However, several studies suggest that the idea of the lunar effect influencing the number or frequency of deliveries is just, well, looney.

In 2005, researchers from Mountain Area Health Education Center in North Carolina analyzed almost 600,000 births across 62 lunar cycles. The data were retrieved from birth certificates from 1997 to 2001. The result? No significant differences in the frequency of births across the eight stages of the moon.

Scientific data doesn’t put old myths to bed, though. The anecdote of the lunar effect is a longstanding one, and some medical professionals won’t deny that things get pretty hectic when the full moon is out.

“I think if you talk to anybody on the front lines of the hospital, emergency room doctors, labor and delivery, etc. it’s always like that on the full moon, everyone for some reason is really busy,” Matthew Guile, a doctor at Sutter Memorial, told Fox 40.

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  1. I remember reading something on how the moon effects the rise of blood in the human body during different times. For example, cupping therapy which involves removing clogged blood from different parts of the body is recommended to be done on certain days of the lunar calender so that the best results can be achieved. Fasting during the 13th-15th of the lunar month, in which the moon is full, is recommended and practiced in Islam. It is not mandatory. Some sources say its because of how the blood is moving in the body during that time.

    Comment by Bader | August 21, 2011 | Reply

  2. The longer I live, Bader, the more I believe we are all living parts of a single pattern, and that we are affected in ways we have no ideas, by the moon and stars and gravity and magnetism. The longer I live, the more scientists discover about this great pattern, God’s mighty plan, and we are only glimpsing small, tiny pieces of a much larger whole. . . I know in Germany my friends never planted in the waning moon, only in the waxing moon. I had not heard of fasting during the lunar mid-month. I wonder how that came about. Do you have any idea?

    Comment by intlxpatr | August 21, 2011 | Reply

  3. “the more I believe we are all living parts of a single pattern” I like how you put that.

    Fasting during the mid of the lunar month is practiced from early Islamic times. There isn’t any scientific research that I’m aware of. One of my friends did mention to me once that the full moon causes a rise in blood pressure and that during a full moon a person is more likely to be on the edgy side because of the rise in blood pressure. He even mentioned something about the crime rate being higher in the world during.That could be the reason why fasting is recommended during that time of the lunar month. To calm the person down. I honestly have no idea.

    Comment by Bader | August 23, 2011 | Reply

  4. To me, these things are fascinating. Some of them are rooted in meaningless superstition. Some of them, on the other hand, our scientists study and find some new gem of wisdom rooted in the old practices. 🙂 It’s a source of wonder, to me, that doctors have only been washing their hands before delivering a baby for the last 150 years or so. I wonder what microorganisms we pass around without a clue . . . It’s like entire sets of rules we all take for granted can be turned upside down in a heartbeat.

    Something like fasting in the middle of a lunar cycle . . . it would merit study, I think.

    Comment by intlxpatr | August 23, 2011 | Reply

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