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Making My Doctor Happy

“You can cheat, you know,” my younger sister told me. “Just don’t eat meat for the week before your blood test.”

No, I didn’t know that! But I forgot, so I put off my appointment and blood test for another week, but I forgot again. Oh well. I took the test, cataloging all my mistakes (too much sugar, too much salt, too much meat, too much processed food) and went to my appointment with a sinking heart.

My doctor looked happy. He was kind of bouncing up and down with a big smile.

“Look at these readings!” he crowed! “We don’t often see turnarounds like this! Have you been exercising?”

“Yep! Three days a week!” I responded.

“Your blood pressure has dropped substantially.”

He is right. I am supposed to take it daily, and I’ve watched it fall back to where it was in my twenties.

“And your cholesterol dropped to 166! That’s 45 below your last reading!”

Holy cow! And I didn’t even cheat!

Even better, my triglycerides level has improved to optimal.

What surprises me is I haven’t had any side-effects, or not much. I had been concerned I would have a reaction, but I don’t feel any different, I don’t feel more health conscious or virtuous or like I’m being careful. It’s kind of amazing to me that small doses of medications can make such a difference.

I am switching my sources, however. The last refill I got (free) from the Navy Pharmacy disintegrated in the bottle. Maybe it’s the humidity in summer in Pensacola, but I ended up sort of estimating how much powder would equal a pill and licking it off my palm rather than go back there – again – and have to negotiate for a replacement. They make me feel like some kind of cheat or druggie when I ask to get a refill early because I am traveling. The last time, I had to show my airplane ticket to prove I was refilling early because I had to travel. (!) Is there a big black market for blood pressure medication???

I’m still dancing on air to have my readings come back so good . . . without cheating, LOL. 🙂

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