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Dubai Flash Mob – And I MIssed It!

Looks to me like maybe the Dubai Airport had a part in this . . . 🙂

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Veteran’s Day: Honor Your Veterans

We will be paying for these last two wars for a long time. Veterans of these wars, many seriously, but not fatally injured by IED’s, traumatized by the activities of war are walking among us. Many of our newest vets have been in the war zones more than once.

AdventureMan is a war vet. Strong and courageous as he is, there are still times he will tear up at some of the things he witnessed in Vietnam. War is an event which resounds throughout the rest of your life.

One of the things we love about living here in Pensacola is that there are a lot of vets here, and there is a culture which honors the Veteran’s sacrifices. When we show our military ID cards in Lowe’s or Home Depot, people say “thank you for your service.” The first time it happened to me, I was caught so by surprise that my eyes leaked tears. Several restaurants are offering active duty and veterans free meals today, reduced prices, and there are many ceremonies honoring Veterans.

The military culture doesn’t like to admit that the warrior life can cause severe problems, mentally, emotionally, with the family, finding a purpose in life after military service, finding relevance in a peaceful society – our men and women come home having seen and experienced sheer horror, and find themselves alien in their own culture. Recovery can be a long, slow process. More of our severely injured vets have survived, but live with brain injuries, lost limbs, and mental wounds.

Welcome them back. Bind their wounds, be patient with their sufferings. War veterans have a high rate of suicide, often related to inability to find a job, so if you are in such a position – hire a veteran. Honor their service, shake their hand, and value their sacrifice.

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