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The Water Street Hotel in Apalachicola

So after feeding the goats, LOL, we headed out for a very serene, very zen drive from Panama City to Apalachicola, arriving near lunch time. AdventureMan and I are on track in so many ways, one of which is that we like to have a place to stay before we eat, and the last few years, it’s been a piece of cake, no problem, people haven’t been filling the hotels and you can walk in almost anywhere and find a place to stay. Not so, this year.

First, there are a LOT of people in Apalachicola as we come in. And there is a lot of activity going on, Christmas lights going up, merchants decorating their stores, and SANTA is coming on on a BOAT!

We tried the first, obvious place, where the receptionist told us frankly she had a room but we wouldn’t like it and it is her last room, right next to the dining room. We found another likely place, and every room was taken. They told us to try down the street at the Water Street Hotel, which we did.

We got the last room.

“You’re going to love this room,” she said, and oh! We did!

One of the reviewers on said “its like the (Marriott) Residence Inns, only nicer,” and that is exactly what we thought. The suites are all differently configured, and have beautiful finishes. For me, the best part is the view.

We’re still talking about the kind of house we want. We like the house we have, but we would like something a little more open-plan, and with a view of a bayou – or an estuary. The unit at the Water Street had a large screened in porch where I spent an hour watching boats go too and fro, and pelicans, and an entire flock of about 200 birds, and watching the grass wave in the breeze . . . it was heaven.

This was the view straight out from our unit:

And now looking up the channel:

The interior going out to the deck:

The Water Street Golf Cart that takes you on tours of Apalachicola 🙂

There was a huge master bedroom, and another bedroom with a daybed, two full bathrooms.

What we want is a place like this in Pensacola, same finishes, same kind of view where there is always something going on, birds, boats, nature happening. We love the attention to detail they put into this hotel. We’d like something a little bigger; we loved this place.

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