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One of the Worst Scam Letters Ever

This scammer hasn’t gone to any trouble to make the letter believable – or grammatical! She hasn’t gone to any trouble to put my name in – or even to call me ‘dear friend!’

How are you hope you are fine and your family,This mail is for you the MTN card is ready now.
i will advice you to contact the lawyer immediately for the MTN CARD.
The value of the MTN CARD is three million five hundred dollars and you can withdraw it from any part of the world 50% will mine while 50% will be your’s too.
Don’t waste more to contact the lawyer for the MTN CARD regarding the receiving of the MTN CARD from the lawyer.
This is how come this fund,The owner of the fund suffered and died by cancer,She died on 8th Dec 2011.Her name are Mrs.Rowena Green from Ameica and works in United Union office here in Burkina Faso.
Her age was 48 years before her death she had no child and willed her property out and submit to the Bank Of Africa,I am one staff in the bank of africa too i am in account department therefore don’t be afraid of receiving this fund because i have done all the banking produres that will be needed.
Thank you.

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A and E Drugstore in Pensacola

When I got here, the only quilt shop had closed, leaving me with JoAnn Fabrics as my only alternative. I’d been here about 10 months when one of my bible-study buddies asked me if I had ever heard of A & E? Well, yes, I had heard people mentioning they were running there, but I’d never been there. My friend took me there – took me to heaven for a quilter. You would never guess this place had bolts and bolts of just-what-you-never-knew-you-needed.


I went back yesterday looking for something exotic and out of the ordinary, and I found it – of course. As I went in, I had to laugh. I had been telling my friends what I really needed was the Kuwait or Qatar souks, where shiny fabrics are everywhere, and I needed some specific shiny fabric. I grinned because I realized this is the Pensacola souk, where you can find just about anything, especially if it sparkles. This is just a small part of the selection for Mardi Gras:


If you’ve ever watched Treme’, you will understand that there were a lot of people in A and E buying sparkle – sparkly masks, sparkly fabric, sparkly everything. As I was checking out, I even saw a separate section where you could buy beads in bulk, a really good thing in a town with a lot of parades where beads are thrown to the crowd.


But it isn’t called A and E Fabrics . . . it’s called A & E Drugstore! There is a pharmacy there, and a whole lot of home health care supplies. Just all part of the serendipity and quirkiness that is Pensacola. 🙂

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