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Scam Letter for Today . . .

Head Office 11 Floor Cedi House
Awolowo road.
The Chairman Committee,
International Fund Remittance, World Bank
In conjunction with Access Bank Plc.
For Your Immediate Attention,
The World Bank, United Nations and African Union Organization has Approved to pay you your
outstanding payment  in conjunction with Nigerian Government and Access Bank Plc Nigeria.
This decision was made last week. With this development, a woman by name (Mrs. Bigger Howell) came to our office with an application stating that you gave her the power of attorney as the beneficiary of your outstanding fund USD8.5 Million Dollars .She made us believe that you are dead and that she is your next of kin. We decided to contact you via your email address for confirmation hoping to find out if you are dead or alive and also to find out if you at any time gave this woman the power of attorney to represent you.
Please let us know also if you are aware that we are almost ready to transfer part payment of your outstanding funds to her nominated bank account stated below:
Bank Name: Washington Mutual Bank
Address: 1723 Palmdale Bulv.
Palmdale Ca. 93550
Acct #: 3573813158
Rout #: 322271627
Swift code #: WMSBUS66
Beneficiary: Bigger Howell.
If you are not aware of the above instruction, do respond to this email immediately by contacting the Chairman of the International Remittance Department (Mr.Johnbosco Martins) contact information are written below:
Name: (Mr.Johnbosco Martins)
Remittance Director
International Remittance Department
Access Bank Nigeria PLC
Also be informed that you will be required to pay the sum of USD650.00 only and this USD650.00 is to enable our Bank Attorney to sign off your Funds Release Order Bond which will allow us to make a direct wire transfer of your funds to your Nominated Bank Account,and it is the only fee you are to pay as long as this your Claim is concerned,Unless you will be able to visit our office yourself and perfect the necessary signing yourself.For immediate transfer of your fund be informed that you are not allowed to correspond or contact any person or office with respect to this transfer other than this office and also note that Mrs. Bigger Howell is ready to pay the USD650.00 but that is not our main issue as we do not wish to make transfer to a wrong account and that is why we are making this inquiry from you and if we do not hear from you within Seven days of this message to you,We will have no option than to forge ahead with Mrs. Bigger Howel.
Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible.
Yours Sincerely,
Mrs.Rosemary Ego
Publicity Officer
Access Bank Nig PLC

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Scam Letter

You know how I hate lying and deception, sneaking and peeping, all manner of pretending rather than keeping it real. I have a real thing about scams, and I want to pour the light of day on each and every one of them, so that the vulnerable will be forewarned.

This is a letter I got this week. Many times, I won’t even open junk mail, just throw it away, but this one looked like it MIGHT  be official, even though my gut told me it wasn’t:

Looks a little like a W-2 form, doesn’t it, or something governmental?


Still looks official, doesn’t it, but it isn’t a government form, it’s a form telling me (using my name) that this is my FINAL notification that I have to claim the two round-trip tickets on any American airline that I have won.

In a separate attachment is this “flight coupon”:

I passed it along to AdventureMan, in case he wanted to call the number and mess with them a little, but neither of us really wanted to waste the time – or to give them any idea what our phone number is: we hate scam phone calls, too. Yes, it is a scam, even if it may not be an illegal scam, it is a deception and not what it appears to be. SCAM!

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