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Australian Woman Scams the Nigerian Scammers

You gotta love this story. I found it on AOL HuffPost; I only wish she had been truly scamming them and not cheating them:

How does it feel when the tables are turned?

The Courier Mail in Australia reports that Sarah Jane Cochrane-Ramsey pleaded guilty last Thursday to one count of aggravated fraud for scamming Nigerian con artists out of $33,000.

Cochrane-Ramsey opened an Australian bank account that the Nigerians could use to funnel payments they got through their “dodgy account on a popular car sales website,” according to the Courier Mail.

The terms of her arrangement with the con artists said that Cochrane-Ramsey was supposed to keep eight percent of all monies sent to the account, with the rest going back to the Nigerians. Instead, she kept the money for herself.

Slate points out that Cochrane-Ramsey denied knowing she was working for fraudsters, thereby “denying herself the defense that she was somehow attempting to give her fellow scammers a taste of their own medicine.”

Nigeria’s The Nation notes that Cochrane-Ramsey is not the first person to con Nigerian scofflaws.

In fact, “This American Life” produced a story in 2008 on a group of people who made a Nigerian scammer travel 1,400 miles in search of a promised cash reward.

Photo by Flickr user B Rosen.

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A Problem with Tension and a Problem with Timing

You probably think I am talking about my personal life when I talk about problems with tension and problems with timing. You might think so, but you would be wrong. I am talking about my sewing machine.

I have an old Pfaff, a real workhorse. I bought it when I started having a problem with tension and timing with my older Pfaff, and didn’t know where to take it in Kuwait to have it serviced. (I found a place to get it serviced, but then that place disappeared!) Now, when I am trying to finish up two quilts for the upcoming quilt show, is not a good time for it to act up, but I am also not surprised. Doesn’t the worst thing always happen at the worst possible time?

I have an even older sewing machine, a Singer Featherweight, that I can use while trying to figure out where to take my Pfaff in Pensacola for a service. The Featherweight is electric, one of the earliest portable sewing machines made, and when I would take it to be serviced in Qatar and Kuwait, the eyes at the shops would just gleam.

“They really knew what they were doing when they made this machine,” they would tell me. “You don’t see machines made like this anymore.”

The Singer Featherweight has no bells and whistles. It sews forward and in reverse. It will do free motions quilting because I have a special attachment for it. It has saved the day many a time before, and tomorrow, when the light is good, I will haul it out once again and set it up to get me through this crisis.

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