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“You Brought the Sunshine!”

When I arrived in Seattle, my best friend from University said “You brought the sunshine!”

(This week’s weather in Seattle)

Now, when I fly back to Seattle, it takes a mere half day, not a day and a half. When I leave early enough, I can arrive mid-day, and beat the rush hour traffic. You’d think after driving in Kuwait and Qatar that I would find Seattle traffic tame, but Germany, with it’s wide-laned autobahn, and Pensacola, with it’s laid back version of going-home traffic have spoiled me.

Seattle is beautiful, although my trip is one of those more stressful ones, with things to be done to manage changing circumstances. My Mom may – or may not – have had a stroke. What is verifiable is that she has been very very sick, too sick to live on her own any longer, sick enough to need hospitalization, and professional monitoring from now on. The sisters have handled mountains of work and desperate calls for assistance, and now it is my turn to do what I can.

I stayed in Mom’s condo, but it was a little soulless, all her favorite pieces of furniture moved to her new place, her plants languishing, the stuff and detritus of life waiting to be cleared out.

Thank God for my best friend, and for the sunshine.

The sun just beginning to color the mountains as it rises off in the east.

The sisters had a full day of business, money, finances, and Mom’s recovery plan. We get a little goofy after a while; it’s a family culture. Our way of handling the worst, worst of times is laughter, and there were several times we were almost breathless from laughing. Yeh, I guess some would find it inappropriate, but for us, for our family, I think it is how we survive.

My second day there, we had a joyful family wedding. It was one of the sweetest events I have attended in a long time, and I loved the way the bride and the groom looked at each other, that they enjoyed their own wedding, smiling, laughing, dancing. Their signature was over everything; the colors (Purples!) and the food and the music and the ceremony, it was all perfectly thought through and delightful.

Sun setting in the west over the Olympic mountains

The rest of the trip was just hard work. And now, back in Pensacola, I have flights booked already for my next trip back. All part of life’s circle, I guess.

Through all this, we have met with kind, helpful people, who have made all the sorting out easier. Thanks be to God.

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  1. I’ll be there in mid-April and we’re both coming out sometime in June – maybe see you then?

    Comment by adiamondinsunlight | March 28, 2012 | Reply

  2. Oh aarrgh! I’ll be there again mid-May! Little Diamond, when will I see you???? I think we are going to have to come to visit you 😉

    Comment by intlxpatr | March 28, 2012 | Reply

  3. Yes please! come visit, anytime!

    Comment by adiamondinsunlight | March 30, 2012 | Reply

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