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Old Dog, New Tricks or I Greet New Technologies

About a year ago, I finally bought an iPhone. It could do so many things, it scared me, but when my little (then) 18 month old grandson fearlessly showed me how to play Tozzle, and Zombies in the Garden, and Angry Birds, I knew it was time for me to step up my game.

I don’t want my identity stolen, I don’t want Google tracking my searches, I don’t want targeted advertising, so I’ve been really careful about what I do. And then I though about the CIA. The CIA and NSA (aka No Such Agency) and several other highly technical services find themselves inundated with so much information these days that they have a harder time sorting it and then determining what is important and what is not. That gives me hope. I’m just not that important. Who would want to track me?

So, after a year, I finally synched my iPhone with my computer for the first time. Very scary. Then, when it didn’t work, I don’t know why, I restored the original settings, losing what little I had stored on the phone, but it wasn’t much.

Mostly, I like ringtones. I like for the people who call me regularly to have identifiable ring tones, and I have been really happy with the ones I have except for my daughter-in-law, I wanted an Edith Piaf song for her, and I never could find it.

Today, I girded my loins and bought a ring tone from a non-iTunes provider. Yes. Scary. And I thought it would magically go straight to my phone, but no, I had to download it, save it into iTunes, then synch my phone.

Earlier, I had taken another giant step and subscribed to “the Cloud” so, I thought, my computer, iPad and iPhone would all have the same music, but as it turns out, not everything goes to the cloud, like ringtones that you don’t buy from iTunes. So I had to risk everything and Synch again. It warned me that I could lose everything! I hesitated, then asked “what would I do if I were 11?” and pressed Synch. Woooo HOOOO, oh, the exhilaration!

There are some things I don’t want my devices to share, like financial information, etc. I don’t really want something like my iPhone, which gets carried everywhere and has the highest probability to get lost or stolen (although I have activated the Find My iPhone program, too). It’s a good think it’s not all-or-nothing, but it takes a longer time when you want some things but not others.

Now, I am all synched-up, and oh, I feel so dramatically technological, as I jump into last years technology. I know that my problem is over-thinking; the secret is to just jump in, just do it. I am just so thankful I have a son and a grandson to help me make the technology leaps.

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  1. yay for you! I realized a couple of years ago that you have to be fearless if you want to learn technology. My husband is totally inept in that area and my kids always come to me for hardware issues so I have learned a lot by trial and error. My saving thought is the Geek Squad is less than a mile away if I really do something stupid and so far I’ve done ok. I don’t have an I phone–don’t want to afford the service but I do have a new kindle fire that does a lot of stuff as I keep learning. Maybe when I am not paying for any kids on my service(one has to have a smart phone for her internet connection) I will get a smart phone…and I hope it is not smarter than me.

    Comment by momcatwa | April 18, 2012 | Reply

  2. LOL, part of the joke is that these are not new technologies . . .

    I thought about the iPhone for a long time. What tipped me over was three things I saw it do – first, you could use Red Lazer app on a bar code and find out what stores in your area are selling the same item at what price. Second, GasBuddy app tells you what the filling stations around your area are selling gas for. Third – and this sealed the deal – Google Maps puts a blue dot where you are and a red pin where you want to go and draws a line between them.

    When you get close to where you want to stop for the night, you can type in Marriott Residence Inn near Bozeman Montana, and wow, there it is, and there is a pulsing blue dot that takes you right to it. How cool is that?

    Yeh. The phone plans are expensive. When I bought the iPad, mostly for travel, I just went for the WiFi, because I can use the iPhone to connect when I need to. It’s smaller, but I don’t need two connection plans.

    Comment by intlxpatr | April 18, 2012 | Reply

  3. I miss the days of the pager :(. lool I like the “what would I do if I were 11?ā€ i do that a lot when i get such pop ups šŸ™‚

    Comment by Bader | April 19, 2012 | Reply

  4. I don’t have an iPhone, but I do like that you’ll be able to have us as the “red pin” šŸ™‚
    I have actually been thinking about getting a smart phone, even though the old old one I have is already smarter than I am.

    Comment by Grammy | April 19, 2012 | Reply

  5. I’ve actually taken an opposite view, I stopped caring what people knew about me because it turned out it was all out there anyway, if someone really wanted to find me they could and I’m pretty sure the rest don’t give a shit. One thing I do find a litttle disturbing is the fact that pictures of my neice are availabe for people to access and reference 3 million years from now …. the poor girl will be so embarassed …..

    Comment by ktdp | April 23, 2012 | Reply

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