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Sisters Working Together

We have a mission, and that I why I am in Seattle. My sisters and I have to clean out my Mother’s condo, now that she has moved to a very elegant new living situation, with a lot of people her own age to play with. Mom has talked about this for years, but always with concern that when it came to dividing things up among the sisters there may be some greed, or that we might come to blows over the division of the possessions she is not taking with her. She came up with a system, whereas we put everything out and then take turns choosing.

The truth was a little more chaotic – but a lot more fun. Most of the time, we wanted different things. Even when two people wanted the same thing, they found cordial ways to negotiate a solution. It was a day of hard work (more similar days to come . . . ) but a very good day for the three sisters. We found some ‘missing’ items, tucked away in obscure places, some treasures. It was a good day.

I’ve always known what I wanted – it is a piece of my Alaskan heritage:


As long as I can remember, this Eskimo mask has hung in our house. Now that it will hang in my house, I need to learn more about it. It has a spear, and fish, and feathers, and some things I don’t recognize. I’ll need to do some research.

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Brrrrr! That Can’t be Right!

When I travel, I check with Weather Underground so I will know what to pack. While I barely had time to unpack and do mammoth piles of laundry to repack for the next trip, I did have time to check the weather. Lovely weather, highs in the high 50’s and 60’s, going up to 80 on Mother’s Day this coming Sunday.

So when we landed, and the pilot said “Welcome to Seattle, it is 47° out, my only possible response was “That can’t be right.” But as soon as I stepped out of the plane, I knew it was. I was wearing a little sleeveless silk and linen weave, with a lightweight cotton jacket over it. Not enough!

Arriving in Seattle mid-day is perfectl; traffic going north is calm and – for Seattle – light. I’m in an SUV; when I got to the rental pick up it’s all he had – that, or a Tundra or Yukon, which are just WAAYY too big for me. The car is a Captiva, not a large SUV, but one drive from the airport to Edmonds and I am down about an eighth of a tank, a far cry from my modest little Rav4. On our tip across the US, that sweet little car averaged 30.3 miles per gallon. In Seattle, where the gas prices are substantially higher, I am driving a gas hog. Aargh.

I am staying with my best friend from college. I’ve stayed in this house before, but it has been entirely renovated since then, and it is like staying in a boutique hotel – entirely lovely.

Here is the view just before dark from her house:


My friend has always been an inspirational gardener, and plants these gorgeous big pots:



When I arrive, she is struggling with a connectivity problem, which gives me some time to gather myself from my early rising to my long flights. Every time, I still thank God it is only two timezones and half a day, as opposed to two long flights and about 24 hours travel time from Kuwait and Qatar.

We run out to buy a new wireless modem, and look for a spot for dinner. This is what I love about my old friend, she’s always up for something new. I spot a restaurant I read a review for a long time ago, and she is game to try it.


The prices were unbelievable. This is Seattle. How can you have a simple and serenely lovely interior, full of quietly and happily dining customers, and still charge these low prices? For dinner? I had the Tic Tac combo rice vermicelli dish, and my friend had a different combo. It was delicious! They are on Aurora / Highway 99, and have a steady stream of customers, families, couples, singles, take-out – there are a lot of people love this restaurant, including us. Sorry there are no photos of the meal, but old friends always have so much to talk about, and it never even crossed my mind. Sorry!

This is my lovely ‘hotel’ room, where I quickly fell into bed and was soon fast asleep 🙂


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