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Not the Day We Expected – Even Better

LOL, as our Friday dawned with thunder and lightning, our day totally changed. We had thought we would rush to our water aerobics class, rush home, hand up our clothes, head out to meet friends for Italian food near Destin, and then come home.

With the thunder and lightning, however, we knew there couldn’t be a class, and so we had an unexpected holiday from exercise, sort of puttered around the house taking care of things that needed taking care of, and headed off to meet up with our friends. We had a great time, great conversations, and they mentioned – as have other friends – how much they enjoyed The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and that we really needed to see it. After long, fond farewells, we headed home, via the beach, which we always love. So far, it was a much cooler day, only reaching the 80’s as we drove along, due to the cloud cover.

AdventureMan suggested we look at the GulfBreeze4, a really fun little theatre we love to go to where they show a lot of foreign movies or quirky movies that didn’t make it to the big screen, and there it was, the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and we were just in time for the afternoon showing.

It is a delightful movie. It has a lot of fun moments, some sad moments, many very human moments. You know me, I especially love the cross-cultural moments, and the thought that people can grow and adapt – no matter what age. We really enjoyed the movie.

And, when we left, we just had to have Indian food. We stopped at Taste of India on the way home and had Talli. It was one of those nights when almost every table was taken, but they had room for us.

“How spicy?” our favorite waitress asked.

“Spicy,” we stated emphatically.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, “Indian spicy!” and we said “Yes!”

When it came, it tasted like being back in Kuwait, eating food my friends had prepared. Not dumbed down food. Good, strong spicy food. We couldn’t even eat it all; but we know how good it will taste tomorrow. We brought a lot of it home 🙂

So it wasn’t the day we expected, but we feel blessed by the day we had. Good friends, good conversation, lots of laughing, good movie and a good time at Taste of India. A great day altogether.

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  1. Dame Judi Dench was the main reason I decided to go watch this film, and boy was I glad. She never disappoints. She is a ravish beauty: I had the good fortune of catching a sideways glance of her in May ’12 down at the Walford Astoria in NYC where she had a press review for the film. I wanted to go touch her to see if she was real. They stopped making actors like that a long time ago.

    Comment by I Love Intercourse, PA | July 8, 2012 | Reply

  2. I agree. 🙂 And Maggie Smith, too. They have such enormous versatility, and seem to take themselves with a grain of salt. I loved Dench as “M”.

    Comment by intlxpatr | July 8, 2012 | Reply

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