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Ramadan Kareem From the “Arabian Bank of E-Mails”

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Awaiting My Donation

This scam – and I am pretty sure it is a scam – intrigues me because it is different. I love it that they assume I will donate.


Dear Anointed man of GOD

With all due respect, we here by greet you and your family world wide and the
goodness of GOD in your christian organization.

This message have been approved to be sent to you and how you understand the
impact of this message is very important to our Christian organization as it
will yield to your life proceedings accurate.

Simple,obedience to Gods command draws blessings.

And giving to the levites is GODS command,therefore obeying this diligently
pulls GODS blessing upon the church and its members which is you.

We lose nothing to make the levites smile,that rather makes us smile too.

What ever you can do to make the levites smile,will make you equally smile.

Smile is contagious and reciprocal. so do some thing to make someone smile.

Their welfare, health, employment, education, physical security, and empowerment
are of paramount importance in realizing this vision of the future. To reduce
poverty and inequality, the plan proposes acting on several fronts:

This is because,the found will be used as a stepping stone to reform Levites in
the house of the LORD and for the spreading the word of God worldwide.

My worlds are short but according to my directions,i have deposited this
particular message to you which stands to reach only you for notifications.

Thus, you and your whole organization will be multiplied & blessed. with more
than what the heart expects.

You have been proven worthy of supporting our christian kingdom financially
which you will receive according to your faith, and our (motto) is what is
written in our e-mail id.

We wait for your reply and we will send you a form for your Donation.

Great people of GOD

Yours sincerely


From Wikipedia, the definition of Levites:

In Jewish tradition, a Levite ( /ˈliːvaɪt/, Hebrew: לֵוִי, Modern Levi Tiberian Lēwî ; “Attached”) is a member of the Hebrew tribe of Levi. When Joshua led the Israelites into the land of Canaan, the Levites were the only Israelite tribe that received cities but were not allowed to be landowners “because the Lord the God of Israel himself is their inheritance” (Deuteronomy 18:2).[1][2] The Tribe of Levi served particular religious duties for the Israelites and had political responsibilities as well. In return, the landed tribes were expected to give tithe to the Levites, particularly the tithe known as the Maaser Rishon or Levite Tithe. In current Jewish practice, dating from the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, the communal privileges and responsibilities of Levites are mainly limited to the synagogue Torah reading and the ritual of pidyon haben.
Moses and his brother, Aaron, were both Levites. Notable descendants of the Levite dynasty according to the Bible include Miriam, Samuel, Ezekiel, Ezra, Malachi, John the Baptist, Mark the Evangelist, Matthew the Evangelist, and Barnabas. The descendants of Aaron, who was the first kohen gadol, high priest, of Israel, were designated as the priestly class, the kohanim. As such, kohanim comprise a family dynasty (although people claiming to be kohanim have many haplogroups) within the tribe of Levi, and thus all kohanim are traditionally considered to be Levites, but not all Levites are kohanim.

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