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Pensacola Beach August Sunset

One reason to love the beach – sunsets!

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Bank of America Spam

From: Bank of America (shows Bank of America on from line, but when you click on details, the real e-mail comes up)

You have 1 new message .

Please Log — In to your account and follow the instructions

If you received this message in your SPAM/BULK folder, that is because of the restrictions implemented by your Internet Service Provider


Ignorant scammers: If you are sending a person a message and you really want them to think it’s from your bank, you do not send it as a blind copy (bbc)

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Views from Pensacola Beach

We have the Happy Toddler at the beach this week, and we are having so much fun. The weather is changeable – we have sunshine every day, but most days we might also have a couple minutes to a half hour of pouring rain.

Yesterday, AdventureMan grumbled “There is nothing I love more than being all wet and needing to run the car air conditioning because it is also hot and sticky!” Being damp and cold is miserable, only slightly less miserable than being damp and hot and sticky . . .

Most of the time, the sun is shining. Yesterday, the surf was up, bringing a treasure of seashells and depositing them on the beach and giving us some scary waves to jump – scary if you are a two and a half year old; those waves look BIG, scary if you are a grandmother and don’t want to watch your daring little grandson be washed away!

Some of the wonderful nearing-sunset blues I love so much:

And a picture of the little boy we love so much:

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