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“Baba, You Are A Terrible Driver!”

Our tiny terror, the Happy Toddler, is at that developmental stage where he says “No” even if it is something he wants to do, he says he doesn’t like things he loves and he is just compelled to be contrary. It is exasperating, and it is also hilarious.

Yesterday he dropped his favorite train as he and AdventureMan were on the long bridge en route back to the beach, and yelled for “Baba” to help him with his train.

“I can’t stop now; we’re on a bridge!” AdventureMan explained.

“I want a red light! I want a red light!” the Screeching Toddler shouted, knowing that red lights mean stop, and that a stop would mean his Baba might reach the train and return it to him.

“We’re on a bridge! There are no red lights!” AdventureMan explained again.

“Baba, you are a terrible driver!” Angry Toddler said.

When they finally reached a red light and AdventureMan rescued the train and restored it to the Terrible Two and a Half Toddler, everything was right again.

“Am I still a terrible driver?” AdventureMan asked him.

“No Baba, you are a GOOD driver!” the Happy Toddler grinned.

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Surf’s Up at Pensacola Beach!

The surfer’s are out early this morning, taking advantage of the roaring surf:

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