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Tomatoes and Peppers!

Suddenly, a cold front is pushing into Florida, and in Pensacola the day dawned . . . well, not crisp, but almost fresh! Tonight it is supposed to get below 70°F, which is significant because when night temperatures go below 70°F, tomato blossoms set fruit.

We were in Zambia when we might normally have started our tomatoes, so AdventureMan started them in later June, from seed. He has a glorious crop of different kinds of tomatoes growing, and it appears, so far, knock on wood, to be our best crop of tomatoes ever, ripening now that the temperatures are under 90°F in the daytime. We also have a beautiful crop of peppers, one so hot that when I started cutting it to include in a soup, I started having trouble breathing and decided that one was probably not a good one for me. I like peppers, but I think I am allergic to one of them.

I am starting to feel alive again! Cooler temperatures give me so much more energy.

We had a wonderful, rainy summer, and now it is time for the fun gardening time.

September 9, 2012 Posted by | Cooking, Cultural, ExPat Life, Florida, Gardens, Living Conditions, Local Lore, Pensacola, Weather | 2 Comments