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Seattle Couple Does Not Win Parents of the Year

Woodinville Couple Caught Speeding with 3 Children in Trunk, State Patrol Says
A Woodinville couple was arrested Sunday after they were allegedly caught speeding on Interstate 405 with the woman’s three children and a small dog locked in the trunk, according to The Herald.

By Lisa Baumann

OUTSIDE SEATTLE — A local couple was arrested Sunday after they were allegedly caught speeding with the woman’s three children and a small dog locked in the trunk, according to The Herald.

The Woodinville woman was pulled over by a Washington State Patrol trooper just before 11 a.m. in Bothell going 77 mph in a 60-mph zone on Interstate 405, trooper Keith Leary said.

She didn’t say anything about the children until about 30 minutes into the roadside stop when the trooper heard thumping coming from the trunk and asked about the noise, the report said.

The children, an 8-year-old girl, and two boys, 5 and 7, were taken into protective custody – and reportedly fed lunch by troopers after the kids said they hadn’t eaten since the day before.

A guitar and a snowboard filled up the backseat, the report said. A search of the car reportedly turned up heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana and prescription pills in the car.

The woman, 28, and her fiancé, 27, were taken to the Snohomish County Jail for investigation of drug charges. The dog was taken to a shelter. The couple is expected to be criminally charged sometime before Wednesday afternoon.

It’s enough to make you wish people had to have a license to have kids . . .

September 26, 2012 - Posted by | Crime, Family Issues, Pensacola, Seattle


  1. Maybe strange but It could be the best thing that ever happened to those trunk kids . Now they will be fed, clothed, educated and looked after away from the mom who is on drugs and her useless boyfriend.Life has been cruel but it may have taken a turn for the best as far as those kids are concerned and even their mom maybe she will sober up .

    Comment by daggero | September 27, 2012 | Reply

  2. What you say is true, Daggero, there is a chance the kids will be better off. Unfortunately, the foster care system in the USA is overcrowded, and children can end up worse off than they were. The social services workers do their best, but have so many cases to oversee that children can get lost in the system, from time to time, some children even disappear. Others survive, but it’s a terrible way to grow up, without people in the world who love you and protect you.

    How do orphans fare in Kuwait? What happens if there is no family member with whom to place them?

    Comment by intlxpatr | September 27, 2012 | Reply

  3. Officially the government in Kuwait has two main services for Orphans , One service is called the Minors affairs (شئون القصر) and that takes care of the financial affairs of the Minors and the rest of the family if they lose the the Father , that service and follow up is until the kids grow to become adults which means 18 years of age for boys and 21 years of age for girls. Now that’s different from if they lost both parents and there are no other relatives to take care of them , there is the Social Affairs for care of the Orphans Department ( مجمع الرعاية الأجتماعية) and they have Two main Programs ,
    The In House (Departmental ) Fostering ,where the kids are housed and raised and followed up ,and another program is Foster parents system , where they are raised by a family .There maybe some variations on these programs .

    All this looks good as it stands , however the extent of the successes or the out turn of those kids is not known to me , since it is a social matter , maybe Kuwaiti ladies are much aware of , and they will be able to shed more light on it .

    Comment by daggero | September 28, 2012 | Reply

  4. I remember several Kuwaiti ladies telling me some things about the system, which were good things, like education costs being covered for orphans, and even university costs, if I remember correctly.

    There is a part of me that wonders what happens to those children born of parents unknown, and left in places, or born in jail, children who are not Kuwaiti but who through no fault of their own end up being born in Kuwait? I seem to remember that many of them are adopted out and raised as beloved children, particularly by those who have been unable to conceive or bear children? But you are right, that might be a better question for my female friends 🙂

    Comment by intlxpatr | September 29, 2012 | Reply

  5. The newborn who are found abandoned are brought to the social services complex ,and they are looked after , educated ,housed , clothed ,,, etc and will be given kuwaiti nationality and become kuwaiti national by law.

    The newborn in prison are left with their mom to be raised but i think when the sentence is finished they are deported together , if they are not kuwaitis.

    I am not sure but some one who works in the social /medical services would have a better idea about this subject

    Comment by daggero | October 1, 2012 | Reply

  6. I think you gave a pretty good summary. I knew some women who had adopted; their children were little princes and princesses, their Mothers were so happy to have them.

    Comment by intlxpatr | October 1, 2012 | Reply

  7. Intlxpatr

    Here is a link on the subject of Adpotion in kuwait from an actual situation

    Comment by daggero | October 5, 2012 | Reply

  8. Wow. What an amazing woman. Thank you, Daggero, and I wish her all success in her work to gain rights for these children and those wonderful people with extra love in their hearts to share with an adopted child.

    It occurs to me that DNA testing might be a really good thing to assure that an adopted child did not marry a sister/brother or half sister/half brother by accident . . .

    Comment by intlxpatr | October 6, 2012 | Reply

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