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In General – a Feast for the Birds

“In general,” the man next to me said winking to signal the pun, “he was inappropriate, and we had to let him go.”

In The Lectionary, the New Testament reading for today is in Revelations, always an ominous book, and I thought of this verse in the reading for today:

Rev 19:21And the rest were killed by the sword of the rider on the horse, the sword that came from his mouth; and all the birds were gorged with their flesh.

I haven’t even checked the news for today, yet, took care of a few household chores and read my lessons for today. When I saw this last verse, I thought of the conversation last night, and of the carrion birds flocking and twittering and crowing over the carcasses of three generals.

Sadly, each of them is – or once was – an honorable man. One is brought down by greed, one confesses to lust, and one may be innocent of everything but having received 20 – 30,000 e-mails from what AdventureMan calls a “General Groupie.”

It isn’t just generals, it is what happens to men who become, in some way, important. Little birdies with their admiring eyes flock around “important men” as if the scent of their power were an aphrodisiac, or as if his power or aura might rub off on her. People jump to do your will. It is tempting to begin to think you might deserve this special treatment, to be so admired, to have the taxpayer fund your excesses . . . It is particularly difficult, I think, to maintain a proportionate sense of who you are when the world starts tempting you to think you are special.

The general brought down by greed was brought down by those serving him, those who were disgusted by his excesses and his misuse of taxpayer monies. It wasn’t just one person or two – it was many people documenting his greed, arrogance and misappropriation of funds.

The two other generals have lost their reputations, their futures and their peace, as the news-carrion birds feast on their carcasses. Sadly, these were good men who yielded to temptation. General Petraeus could have been President of the United States. General Allan may be entirely innocent of all wrong doing, but still, the birds are feasting. Their reputations and their dignity are stained and torn, and their humiliations are thrust upon their innocent families. The accusations against them have become grist for gossip and jokes across the nation. It’s a sad day for those who served our country so well.

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