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Favorite Things Restaurant Opens on Cervantes

“Have you eaten at Favorite Things yet?” our friend asked us.

“They have a restaurant?” I asked. I knew they had a little coffee shop and gifts, but I hadn’t heard they had a restaurant.

“Just opened,” he replied. “I took folks there for breakfast after church last Sunday. It was GOOD!”

So the next day we had to go, missing entirely the police shooting two burglars in our neighborhood.


I had driven by this place a million times, but I had never been in. It was cute, lots of unique gifts and good ideas, an old fashioned candy store and – a newly opened restaurant. Actually, they had just opened the previous Friday, this was still their soft opening while they work the kinks out of their system.

The dining room is cute, all different tables and chairs, all a country theme.



The menu offers a lot of options, breakfast options, sandwiches, entrees, local specialities. I overheard a manager talking it over with a long time friend; Favorite Things is associated with Jerry’s, next door, but “Jerry’s does all the fried food and we do all the rest!”

We ordered, then roamed through the store, looking at the gift offerings:




Oops! Food arrived while we were ooohing and aaahing over all the goodies.

AdventureMan ordered the soup and sandwich special with their gumbo and a turkey sandwich:


I ordered the Reuben sandwich on whole grain with a cup of the gumbo:



When I put the top on the Reuben, I saw something I really liked – look at all the grains on the top of the roll, and look at the whole grains in the chips:


We went back and tried breakfast, taking little-boy-Q with us, who was good as gold and ate everything with a fork except for the grapes. AdventureMan had a traditional egg special, little-boy-Q had parts of our meal and a fruit bowl, and I had the lachs and bagel breakfast, excellent, and I don’t even usually like bagels. Nice to know there is another good breakfast option near us.


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