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Tant de Brouillard – Foggy Morn in Pensacola

I learned a new word today, le brouillard, from a blogger who liked my Pensacola parade post. I always take a look to see, and this time, it was like taking a brief vacation to a place I love – the villages of France, and the morning market, or marche. His blog is My French Heaven, and he writes in French and English, good exercise for those of us who need to polish up our language skills. Warning: the photos on his blog are EXPLICIT. You will want to eat those oysters, vegetables and sweets right off the page.

He was waiting, this morning, for ‘le brouillard se dissipe’ and I smiled because on my way home from the early service this morning, I had to stop and take some photos of foggy Pensacola and the foggy bayou:



If, in the midst of this crazy time of the year, you can give yourself a small gift and a short virtual vacation, take a moment to have a cup of green tea and visit my friend Stephane at My French Heaven.

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  1. Well first, thank you so very much for the mention in your beautiful blog. Second, these shots are incredible! It makes me miss the old south sooooo much. I love the ghostly feeling you have when driving around your part of the world. One of the best road trip I ever had was driving from Atlanta down to Charlston and Savannah by the scenic roads. Getting lost around there is wonderful. The abandoned plantations and mills, the oak trees and the moss, the wild ferns and palm trees… So many memories…

    Comment by My French Heaven | December 10, 2012 | Reply

  2. Aha! We love road trips! My husband has oft mentioned Charleston and Savannah; I suspect we can fine some of those lost and scenic roads 🙂 Sounds like a great project for Spring!

    What we find sad, however, is the disappearance of the village in the US; entire main streets and city squares gone empty, the population moved on elsewhere . . . We tend to avoid the cities and stay in smaller places, and in France, that is such joy. Patricia Wells in her book The Food Lover’s Guide to France had a list of when the weekly markets took place, and we would plan our trips around markets we wanted to enjoy. Oh, and this time of the year, the markets are so beautiful and full of winter specialities . . .

    Love your refinished floors and LOL’d at your rules for refinishing! All that hard work paid off!

    Comment by intlxpatr | December 10, 2012 | Reply

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