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Christmas House Prep . . . Done!

No, no, not the CELEBRATION of Christmas . . . That’s just beginning. But the craziness of getting ready for Christmas, after which you can sit back and enjoy some time for reflection.

A lot of the pain is self-inflicted. Before I even went to Seattle, I got out the garland and threaded it up the stairs. Found some glittering stars, and worked it so they would twirl and send twinkles of light throughout the entry. I sighed and puffed up and down the stairs . . . putting on lights is hard work, especially if, like me, you like LOTS of lights, it is hard work . . . but so, so worth it in the end. We had a little Christmas lighting up the house!

Stairway: DONE!


Years and years ago, like thirty years ago, I took a lot of time embroidering this Christmas wreath, so up it goes, every year: DONE


Life was on the fast track when I got back from Seattle, so I did a little bit every day, like “on the first day of Christmas prep, I hung the reindeer . . . ”


Then, it’s counter-intuitive, but I needed to get the outside lights up. Like how can it be Christmas if you don’t share? I’m annoyed that the icicle lights don’t match the tree lights; I’ll have to deal with that . . . next year 🙂



Now, to drag out all the boxes for the Christmas tree inside, and oh, what an adventure, always, to find forgotten treasures and to remember where we got the ornaments. I find all the pieces of the tree and set it up. I hate using an artificial tree, but the real trees get SO dry, especially when Pensacola experiences an unseasonal warm spell. It’s like you end up with large branches empty of needles, and you find needles strewn on our carpets for months to come.

Tree: done!


We saved a few ornaments for Q to “help” and three was just the right number, four was one too many, LOL!


The camel my friend in Doha made me – a Wise Man’s camel, following the great star, laden with gifts for the new baby:


Brass Christmas ornaments from the Women’s Cooperative in Damascus, along with a manger scene from Germany, and a cross – another cross – from Kuwait. Yes, yes, if you knew where to look, there were Christmas ornaments all over Qatar and Kuwait:


An Italian Creche and a tiny French Santon Creche, jumbled with collected camels and wise men . . . who says there can be only three wise men? I like LOTS of wise men come to greet the new baby Jesus 🙂


A Nurnberg angel from our first year of marriage and a Damascus tablecloth from our last trip to Damascus:


Rosenthal angels; I think I might have had these even before I married AdventureMan:


Have to have a nutcracker – or two, or three . . .


Some antique German glass ornaments, too fragile to be hung on the tree:


A total mishmash of all the places we have been, so much fun. Hard work, yes, pulling it all out every year, but every year we grin when we see our old friends and think of all the good times we have had in so many different countries!

Welcome, Jesus! Welcome, all who celebrate the season of your birth!




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  1. love all these photos and all your treasures! My mother has some of those white ceramic angels – so beautiful! They were some of my favorite Christmas treasures 🙂

    Comment by adiamondinsunlight | December 14, 2012 | Reply

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