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Something Gold For Chinese New Year: Happy China


“Happy New Year!” I called out to my Chinese friend in Aqua Aerobics.

“Happy New Year!” she shouted back, puffing just a little.

“Are you going out to celebrate?” I asked, with my find-a-good-Chinese-restaurant-agenda coming out.

“Yes, with a bunch of friends!” she responded.

“Where are you going?” I asked, genuinely curious as to where REAL Chinese people would eat real Chinese food in Pensacola.

“Happy China, over on Mobile Highway,” she told me.

I haven’t had really good Chinese food since leaving Kuwait, where we ate in a little dingy restaurant where a lot of Chinese people also ate. The food was not dumbed down, not at all.

“Will he fix you something special?” I wondered, and she replied that he would, several dishes, ordered ahead, for their large party.

So today, AdventureMan and I struck out to find the Happy China, and we did, to celebrate Chinese New Year, and it was good. I intended to order from the menu, but the buffet looked pretty good, so we decided it would be a way to get an overview. There were many many seafood items, and a noodle bar where you put together a noodle dish and then put it in warm broth to warm it all up. It was fun, the food was really good, and I look forward to going back and ordering off the menu.




On our way out, as we paid the very reasonable bill, I asked if they ever had any of the cats with the raised paws in white china with the colored paint. She said sometimes, but that they fly off the shelves.

“This year we have these ones, in gold, because it is the year of the Snake, you want something in gold,” she instructed me. I kinda liked the glitzy gold anyway, and they were $2.99, LOL, a small price for welcoming wealth into our household. The cat whose right paw is raised welcomes wealth, the left paw raised welcomes children, which are a different kind of wealth 🙂 and are also welcome in our household, our own son and other people’s children, not more for me, please!

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 1.16.59 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 1.16.36 PM

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