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Wealth and Inequality in America


March 4, 2013 - Posted by | Aging, Financial Issues, Living Conditions, NonFiction, Political Issues, Social Issues


  1. This is fascinating and shocking that the top 1% own 40% of all of America’s wealth and the bottom 80% own only 7%. This is troubling but is it not even more troubling that we have a dysfunctional system of government that because it is so polarized and unrepresentative of the the majority of Americans that nothing gets done. Perhaps what we need is a third political party that would represent the moderate voices of America and would govern from the middle. As it stands today no self respecting Republican of moderate views could get elected president because he first has to convince the right of his conservative leanings in the primary race and then try to get back to the middle for the general election.

    Money in politics is destroying the representative form of government we long for. It must be minimized in order to restore the power to the people and not just the few. The government should represent the humans of this country who are struggling to keep up and survive not the corporations that continue to be more profitable than ever and more controlling than ever as unions continue to devolve from a position of influence. We need to restore the balance that has enabled this country to move forward and stop the stagnation that we see in Washington D.C. today.

    I wish I knew how to get this dialogue started and see some movement begin.

    Comment by Mike McGraw | March 10, 2013 | Reply

  2. Mike, one of the things I’ve been thinking as I ponder this report is ‘how much is enough?” Partly, it has to do with all the places I’ve lived. One thing the graph doesn’t show is that the majority of Americans, wealthy of not, have enough to eat. Most have a roof over their head. Most have access to clean water, even to toilets. Most are not selling their children to feed their families. Most have decent clothing available. Now, most also have medical care.

    Partly, what the graph doesn’t show is that those who are excessively wealthy just buy more and more – space, toys, luxuries, many things, and many experiences that don’t really matter, and, I am thinking, don’t really make them proportionately happier. There are those extremely wealthy people who are using their wealth to create great good, like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Pew Foundation, bringing good to all nations.

    So partly, while the wealth is way skewed, as long as the poorest have ‘enough’, including access to opportunities to gain and create wealth, maybe the skewing isn’t all that awful.

    I agree we need a more civil way of governing our country, more respectful. I am at a loss as to how it will be accomplished, but I believe it is possible.

    Thank you for a provocative and thoughtful comment.

    Comment by intlxpatr | March 10, 2013 | Reply

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