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“When Traveling Light Isn’t an Option”

I’m booking a flight, looking over all the details, checking it twice . . . with all the flights we’ve taken, we’ve learned, sometimes painfully (think tearing to the airport on D-Ring in Qatar at prime driving time, around 7 pm, when cars are bumper to bumper all the way to Airport Road, and we mis-read our flight time by two critical hours, ooh la la!) to check, and double check, and to write it down.

Because I’ve been a loyal frequent flyer, I normally don’t even bother looking at baggage costs, mine are always free.

Oops. Not so fast. Looks like something may have changed. ­čśŽ I’m still an elite, but I guess not so special any more. And what is this? A baggage embargo? What the funk?

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 3.24.44 PM

Actually, I tend to travel light, but I click on the hypertext and read the following, which I thought might be of interest to my friends in the Middle East, for whom ten bags is small potatoes . . .

Traveling light is always ideal, but it’s not always realistic. The best advice we can give as far as minimizing fees is to pack as efficiently as possible and learn where it will cost you. Here is everything you need to know about quantities, extra fees and restrictions.

Before we get to all the nitty-gritties, please note the following general guidelines:

Up to 10 bags may be checked per passenger on flights operated by Delta and up to four total checked bags on Delta Connection® carrier flights.

We may limit the amount of excess baggage when such excess prevents us from transporting up to two bags per passenger.

Delta Connection carriers accept excess baggage on a space-available basis. If the baggage cannot be carried on the same flight with you, it will be transported on the next available flight.

Camera, film, videotape, lighting, and sound equipment will be accepted when tendered by representatives of network or local television broadcasting companies or commercial filmmaking companies. See Media Bags for complete details.

Additional, overweight and oversized baggage is accepted on a standby basis.
Bags that do not meet our size and weight restrictions will require special handling and additional fees.

It’s important to know that there separate fees for each limitation you exceed: size, weight and quantity. For example, if an extra piece of baggage exceeds the weight and size limits, it will be subject to three fees: one for the extra bag, one for exceeding the weight limit and one for going over the size restriction. Fees are charged for each additional bag, each way.
Some destinations may have additional restrictions as well. Please review the breakdown below.

Did you read that last paragraph? A bag which exceeds the limits can be fined THREE times???

AdventureMan said yesterday that if he never had to fly again (he does) he would be happy. It’s no longer an adventure, and it is no longer a pleasure. At the very worst, I used to be able to get a lot of books read, just snuggled in and minded my own business, but there is so much rage, so much scrabbling for those extra inches on the armrests, even for the sweet fresh air, that it has become like a university final, jumping all those hurdles to achieve your degree. Now that we all compete for overhead space (I’ve always love checking my bags and just having a purse with my iPad, traveling really, really light) because of these creeping and creepy baggage fees, the alienation just grows.

I fly with an airline which has one of the WORST reputations for their air loyalty program in the United States.

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Christs Decendents

AdventureMan and I worked hard today, getting ready for our next set of house guests, so when he suggested the Seafood Platter Deli, oh Yes! Yes! It is one of my favorite places.

It’s the food. It’s the service. It’s special. They are ALWAYS so friendly, so attentive. They greet you like they are really glad you came in, and they take good care of you. Today, when the waiter brought AdventureMan’s scallops, he thought there weren’t enough (the waiter, not AdventureMan) and he brought us a couple bowls of their fabulous gumbo to make it up to us.

(Make it up to us?? Our meals were already fantastic! We brought half of the meals home to enjoy later!)

But today, we got there just in time. The restaurant was filling up fast, and behind us was a group of motorcyclists, all in their black leathers. Most of them looked about our age, maybe a little older, a little rough, a little used up – sort of like us. But motorcyclists. Shiver!

Oh. Wait. What is that it says on their jackets? Christs Decendents? And they are so quiet, so modest in their behavior, so well spoken, so kind to one another . . .

Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 4.59.26 PM

I was so intrigued I had to Google them when I got home, and discovered they are a Christian group of motorcyclists – it looks like they are allied to several local churches and have chapters other places, too. I never woulda thunk it, and I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I love it that I can still be surprised.

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