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“Because You Are a Good Man”

I am? That’s news to me . . . and to my husband, LOL!


My name is Umaru Abubakar am 85year of age please don't be offended
I work with Shell Petroleum plc, for 37year.
i lost my wife 3years ago with my daughter by bomb explosion by suicide bombers
But Thanks to Allah i have one child left his Name Is Mohammad
10years now.
Am contacting you because i strongly Believe you are send to me by
Almighty Allah who
Reveal to me your contact when i was sleeping saw your Name and your
Email because
There something very urgent and important that I want you to do for me
please do not
Ignore me i beg in name of Allah.
As my brother we serve one gods please attends to this issue because a
matter od life and death.
I retired from Shell Petroleum 2year ago and I have been paid my
Retirement fund compensation of $40.5million USD, and the money in a Bank
For over two year because am waiting for my only son to finish
Education but am worried
Because he is still a small boy of 10years to handle that amount of money,
for more than 8 months i been very sick spending money from hospitals
to different hospitals
Lately it resulted me stroke there nothing I can do an more am just
waiting Allah to call me.
I Umaru Abubakar , and my people here are very  greedy if i order my
Bank to release they money
to them my people will kill my only son to inherit the Fund with their
I know I will die any moment from now because I have suffer this for a
Very long time i have spent money from hospital to hospital so decide never
Please I want you to help me to take care of my son because its Almighty
Allah that said I should contact you because you are a good man please do
not ignore me because of Allah.
Please I like you to receive the fund from Italy Bank and take of my son,
Am waiting your response.
Umaru Abubakar

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  1. $40.5 mn retirement fund! Drat! I knew we should have gone to work for Shell rather than a public university! 🙂

    Comment by Grammy | May 1, 2013 | Reply

    • LLOOLLL! Those scammers are hilarious

      Comment by intlxpatr | May 1, 2013 | Reply

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