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Sunrise in Seattle: A Quick Trip


Sorry! I intended to keep writing, but as it sometimes can, life just got away from me. I took a quick trip to Seattle to see my Mom on Mother’s Day, stayed with my best friend from college, ummm . . . when I count the number of years we have been friends, I am shocked!

Flying out of Pensacola, we flew over Bayou Texar:


I had a great seat, but the lady next to me sounded like she had terminal pneumonia, so I kept my face toward the window. Everything went smoothly, arrived a little early. Two hassles: I had decided for just a short trip I would use a shoulder bag/suitcase, and even though it was light, it gets heavy lugging it from gate to gate. On the good news side, it sure is a lot easier to travel with just cabin baggage, easy on – easy off.

Second, I just hate it that Seattle has relocated all the rental cars to an off-site location. The buses only stop at one end of the terminal or the other so again, there is a lot of lugging, whether it is wheeled or shoulder. You have no control over when the bus will come or when it will leave. It used to be so easy, just dropping the car off and walking directly into the terminal; now I have to calculate extra time for unknowns in the rental return process, oh aarrgh.

Traffic to north Seattle was horrible, even on a Saturday, it was like a normal work day when all the workers are streaming out of the city. On work days, there are windows when traffic is less, but a Saturday! Aarrgh!

It was not raining, or not much. That was a really good thing. Temperatures were lower than Pensacola. That was a good thing. We had a great Mother’s Day brunch, with my sisters and their hubbies, and Mom and I did some shopping. The next day, more errands and catching up on banking and bureaucracies. Those were all good things.

My good friend and I had time to catch up and – as we are wont to do – analyze and strategize. We spent a good amount of time laughing at ourselves and our dilemmas. We laughed at the problems of aging. We laughed at who we thought we would be (who ever thinks they will get old??) and who we have become. Here is what sunrise over Lake Washington looks like from my friend’s house:


Flight home uneventful; arrived in Atlanta a few minutes early and I was out the door in a flash, running running running down one concourse and up the other to see if I could get on the earlier flight to Pensacola which was leaving in MINUTES! “No, no, not possible” the gate clerk said without even looking up; she was already working on two other women, I am guessing flight attendants trying to get back home. I waited a minute, bushed from the long run and lugging the shoulder luggage, then said “I think I will just go find a barbecue” and the gate attendant said “Wait!” and I thought she was going to tell me where to find the best barbecue, because I had like three hours, but no . . . she was printing me out a ticket! I got the last seat, back, back, way back in between two great big United States Marines, but it was a fun 45 minutes and I was home three hours earlier. All that is really good!

Even though it is not Seattle to Kuwait, I still like to shower after a long flight, I just feel germy! AdventureMan made me a beautiful salad with sauteed Portobello mushrooms on top, oh yummmmm and we delighted to be together again. Woooo HOOOOO, home again 🙂 Sorry to be out of the loop, but when you are one day out, one day back with two days in between, time just swooshes by.


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  1. Well your mom had a very nice mothers day it seems .
    how is she doing in her current accommodation so far ? Did u go IVAR this time ?

    Maybe one day God will have mercy on the flying American public in the USA and allow nice international airlines , or dare i say snazzy middle eastern airlines like Etihad , Qatar or Emirates to carry the harassed and patient American passengers from one Us airport to another as an option to the usual American carriers

    Comment by daggero | May 17, 2013 | Reply

  2. Oh my friend, so much material for comment. . .

    My Mom is doing great. She lives in a very nice apartment with extra care and very good food. My two sisters live nearby and spring her free frequently, for dinners out, shopping, banking, medical appointments, etc. I help with errands and banking when I pop into town. She has friends and many family members near by. She is a very lucky woman.

    We did not go to Ivar’s this time, but we went to both Arnies and Anthony’s 🙂

    Flying home, I watched a flight attendant NOT help a young mother with a young child. I remembered how kind and caring all the flight attendants were with mothers of young children on Emirates, Qatar Air, even Jazeera. It was a different culture. They also all had some graciousness, not just to first class and business, but to all the passengers, from the guy with the falcon on his arm to the terrified laborer seated next to him (LOL, yes, really)

    Comment by intlxpatr | May 17, 2013 | Reply

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